Today, your business is only as effective as your IT application infrastructure. AGS, the leading provider of integrated database management solutions, delivers state-of-the-art DBMS tools which give you the confidence to know that your IBM Informix® mission-critical database applications are available and performing at peak levels, while at the same time significantly reducing the time, effort and costs required to develop, deploy and maintain them.

So what can AGS products do for you? This question is best answered by a quote from one of our customers — "Managing Informix databases with antiquated command-line tools is sometimes like speeding down a crumbling mountain road at 90 miles per hour in an old clunker; secure in the knowledge that repairs are scheduled for next month. Once I switched to Server Studio, it was like getting into a brand-new, state-of-the-art all-terrain vehicle, capable of handling anything with ease. The power is awesome!"

AGS' Server Studio™ and Sentinel™ together provide state-of-the-art, powerful solutions that help both seasoned database professionals and novices alike manage IBM Informix® data servers environment with an unprecedented ease and improved productivity. This multi-platform suite of integrated, highly intuitive system management tools provides wide-ranging functionality to support your organization’s vital databases — from initial design, development and testing, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service.

 Server Studio™

  Server Studio™ provides a comprehensive collection of modern, easy-to-use, proven tools for DBAs and developers that emulate the natural workflow and improve efficiency of performing common database tasks such as: SQL development and debugging, schema management, configuration auditing and change management, performance tuning, data storage management and reorganization, security administration and much more — all from an integrated graphical console that unites all development, administration and maintenance activities for your entire IBM Informix® data servers infrastructure at a centralized point of control. Continue >> ...


  Sentinel™ automates proactive 24 × 7 operational monitoring of IBM Informix® DBMS servers, provides an extensive array of sophisticated diagnostics tools to optimize critical performance parameters, executes regular database maintenance tasks, facilitates robust configuration change and compliance management to assure database integrity, enables flexible multi-level alerts to flag availability and performance degradation problems, as well as manages autonomic responses to server events in real time. Continue >>...

  Server Studio™ — Win32

  Server Studio™ Win32 is a legacy product for IBM Informix® back-end SQL application development and stored procedure debugging. This product line has been superceded by a more comprehensive multi-platform solution for DBAs and SQL application developers — Server Studio™.

AGS will continue to support Server Studio™ Win32 products for existing customers and business partners until December 31, 2005. Current customers of Server Studio™ Win32 products are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Server Studio™. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading....

Server Studio™ Win32 features integrated database design, development, stored procedure and trigger debugging, analysis, optimization and deployment tools suite with support for a team development. Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface virtually eliminates the learning curve. Continue >>...


Server Studio™ R.10 — the premier suite of powerful, multi-platform tools for IBM Informix® database servers is now available. Examine its extensive new features.

Information about Sentinel

Sentinel™ R.10 — the industry leading solution for automating 24 x 7 real-time monitoring and management of IBM Informix® servers' operational performance, together with providing configuration change and compliance management infrastructure is now available.

Our Customers

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"It brings Informix Database Administration into the 21st Century, replacing ancient command line tools with modern graphical tools. I really can't image how Informix DBA's survived without it!"

Kevin Godsman
Musto Ltd, UK

"I have enjoyed working with Server Studio. It makes everything very easy to manage. This is the best product I have used in daily working with Informix."

Linwood Jarratt
Lake County Administration, Illinois

"It is simple. Server Studio is the perfect product. It covers all our needs and what is most important it is simple to use. We mainly use it to create manage and test/debug Stored Procedures. The SPL Debugger is a wonderful tool that have saved us a lot of work."

Throstur Jonsson

"I user Server Studio extensively on a daily basis. Our criminal justice system database is extremely complex and extensive. Without Server Studio, SQL development for reporting purposes would be nightmarish. It is not unusual to see a set of queries involving more that 200 separate steps, required for producing a single report. ... Thank you and congratulations on a very powerful and comprehensive product."

Peter Fuentes
Maricopa County, Arizona