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Advanced Global Systems, Ltd. is a leading software product development firm providing new product development and legacy product enhancements to major OEM software vendors and also sells select products in its portfolio directly to Fortune 500 enterprise customers.

Organizations today more than ever rely on enterprise database applications for customer relationship management, manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, human resources virtually every vital aspect of operations. As the reliance on these applications continues to grow, performance and availability become critical. Another words, effectiveness of your enterprise database application infrastructure is one of the paramount factors that determines efficiency and competitiveness of an organization. At AGS, we have always understood this - that is why we are 100% focused on making enterprise database application infrastructure perform at peak levels.

AGS, the leader in enterprise database application management technology, gives organizations confidence in their critical application infrastructure by delivering reliable software products that help develop, deploy, manage and maintain enterprise database applications without expensive downtime or interruption to operations. We provide IT professionals with easy-to-use, state-of-the-art software tools to automate daily tasks and simplify complex ones. With our products, IT organizations are be able to proactively prevent performance problems and downtime, as well as react quickly to unforeseen events. The bottom line is a lower total cost of ownership for the enterprise application infrastructure. AGS helps organizations reduce costly planned and unplanned downtime, get better performance from existing IT infrastructure, and to accomplish more with less.

Customers of the products developed by AGS number in the thousands and include Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the all major industries, including: banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, energy, heavy and light manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, chemical, as well as local, state and federal government.

Founded in 1996, AGS began its corporate life by developing real-time trading, portfolio and asset management custom applications for financial services industry. Soon after the company was formed, AGS software engineers had pioneered distributed debugging technology for server-side languages. SP_Debugger for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server was the result of this pioneering research and development effort. Since its highly successful original release, SP_Debugger has been effectively employed in developing mission-critical applications by more than 2,000 developers in 35 countries. Over the years, AGS became one of the leading providers of innovative development and performance management tools for enterprise database applications.

Our success at AGS is based on our skilled and dedicated in-house software engineers, listening to and servicing our customers and on our uncompromising commitment to quality software development. By fostering an environment that encourages excellence, continually developing the skills of our people, understanding and deploying leading edge technologies, AGS has achieved an enviable record of employee retention in an otherwise volatile industry. This stability of highly skilled and dedicated personnel permits us to create, enhance and support our products. It also permits us to offer our clients innovative and cost effective solutions for mission-critical enterprise applications.

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Partnership with IBM

In 2000, AGS and IBM entered into a strategic partnership to enhance IBM Informix relational database management systems with a set of advanced application development and server management tools.
The product of this collaboration was the market-leading suite of tools - Server Studio™ JE.

IBM distributes worldwide Server Studio™ JE with IBM Informix database servers it ships as the primary enterprise database application infrastructure tools suite.