Our Customers

Customers of the products developed by AGS number in the thousands and include Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the all major industries, including: banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, energy, heavy and light manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, chemical, as well as local, state and federal government.

   See some of the customers who use products developed by AGS.

AT & T General Electric Nissin Foods
Aetna Hewlett Packard Nicor Gas
Alcatel Hilton Hotels Ottawa Police Service
Alaska Airlines Honeywell Parliament of Netherlands
American Airlines JP Morgan Chase PeopleSoft
American Express IBM Philips Semiconductors
Bank of America Kroger Purolator Courier
Baker Robbins & Co. Lucent Technologies Reuters
Computer Associates Lufthansa UBS
Daimler Chrysler Merrill Lynch Siemens
DHL Microsoft Sprint
Dresdner Bank Moneyline Telerate Sears
Deutsche Telekom Mayan Resorts Texas Instruments
Deloitte Consulting Morgan Stanley US Courts of Appeal
Defense Ministry of Canada Motorola US Bankruptcy Courts
EDS Nokia Verizon
Estee Lauder Novell Yamaha Motors
Ericsson Nabisco Walt Disney
Fairchild Semiconductor   Wells Fargo
Fidelity Investments    


"I like Server Studio a lot. It is one of the best database tools I've used. The fact that I can view data in several instances at the same time, helps tremendously when testing software or comparing objects in development vs. production. The fact that I can change data in tables, given proper permissions, is of great importance when we have a data problem in production. I highly recommend Server Studio."

Clifford Jardine
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

"It brings Informix Database Administration into the 21st Century, replacing ancient command line tools with modern graphical tools. I really can't image how Informix DBA's survived without it!"

Kevin Godsman
Musto Ltd, UK

"I have enjoyed working with Server Studio. It makes everything very easy to manage. This is the best product I have used in daily working with Informix."

Linwood Jarratt
Lake County Administration, Illinois

"It is simple. Server Studio is the perfect product. It covers all our needs and what is most important it is simple to use. We mainly use it to create manage and test/debug Stored Procedures. The SP Debugger is a wonderful tool that have saved us a lot of work."

Throstur Jonsson

"It is a good tool for us as we are developers and DBAs at the same time. For one application that we wrote (using many stored procedures), it was the only way we could have gotten it done. Our old methods (dbaccess, ftp, etc.) would have been suicide."

Sean Durity
CornerCap Investment Counsel

"Before Server Studio, I was using several different tools to perform maintenance tasks with the database. Today, I use Server Studio 80% of the time and I wish I could tell you how much easier my job has been. The amount of time savings from using all the other little utilities is immeasurable. All in all, I will most definitely endorse it to any Informix administrator and developer. Server Studio boost the power of Informix 100 times!!!"

Roy de-Silva
IT Consultant
Toronto, Ontario

"I'm new to Informix. I come exclusively from a SQL Server background. However, after using the product for a while it has many features that are more powerful than MS Enterprise Manager and MS SQL Query Analyzer."

Jim Kodet
Talk America

"I user Server Studio extensively on a daily basis. Our criminal justice system database is extremely complex and extensive. Without Server Studio, SQL development for reporting purposes would be nightmarish. It is not unusual to see a set of queries involving more that 200 separate steps, required for producing a single report. ... Thank you and congratulations on a very powerful and comprehensive product."

Peter Fuentes
Maricopa County, Arizona

"We are operating parts of our billing systems in distributed Informix databases (largest productive instance consists of four machines with eight processors and 16GB RAM each, database volume about 40..60TB). Several thousand tables in active use, several ten thousand tables kept for statistics etc. ...  I'm using Server Studio to create new databases, copy structure and data from other instances to them, managing extents, moving tables into other dbspaces when space gets tight, eying locks and lock conflicts and playing with SQL. Server Studio keeps being the best front-end for Informix Systems I've ever tried and has raised my productivity a lot since I started using it."

Norbert Karls

Parnership with IBM

In 2000, AGS and IBM entered into a strategic partnership to enhance IBM Informix relational database management systems with a set of advanced application development and server management tools. The product of this collaboration was the market-leading suite of tools - Server Studio™ JE.

IBM distributes worldwide Server Studio™ JE with IBM Informix database servers it ships as the primary enterprise database application infrastructure tools suite.